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» An Illustrative list of experiments and activities conducted in the Centre's laboratories during the open house, school visits and student visits
Experiments on soil Preparation of gases
Seed germination Redox titration, Acid-base titration
Use of Compound Microscope Uses of indicator, measurement of pH
Study of Onion cell To observe chemical and physical changes
Study of Cheek cell Burning of sugar
Observing unicellular organisms using compound microscope To show crystallisation process
Study of various parts of a plant Evaporation of substances
Experiment on the release of oxygen during photosynthesis To show ammonia rings
To understand the process of evaporation Chemical bonding
Experiment on the release of carbon dioxide during respiration To study the periodic table
To understand structure of human body To show the conductivity of graphite
Study of algae Effects of acids
Study of fungi Separation of substances from a mixture
Study of contaminated water Making of photography paper
To study the various parts of the flower of Dhatura and Jasud Qualitative analysis, Chromatography, Inorganic qualitative analysis
To observe the temporary slide of blood Making a volcano
Study of the adaptations seen in creepers To find the boiling point of water
Study of the adaptations in birds Effect of salt on the boiling point of water
Dissection of maize leaf Testing of starch from different substances
Study of Osmosis To make an oxide of the substance
Experiments with convex lens Decomposition of calcium carbonate
Microscope - making from match box To find the solubility of substances
Making sand clock and water clock Decomposition of copper and iron
Measuring time of oscillations of simple pendulum Making of weather detector
To show that medium is required for propagation of sound Preparation of double salts
To show that air has mass and measuring lung power Tests for different groups
To prove that light travels in straight path Dancing ball experiment
Effect of magnetic poles Preparation of chemical garden
To observe that length of an object increases on heating Purification of water by alum
Conduction of heat in solids, liquids and gases Preparing models of hydrocarbons
To observe the effect of temperature on different substances Dry cell experiments
Making periscope and kaleidoscope Conductivity of different solutions
Experiments with curved mirrors Magic filtration
To demonstrate the mutual effect of like and unlike charges To find the melting point of a compound
Electrolysis of water To study flame test
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