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Projects in Physics for CBSE Students

Students from CBSE schools are provided guidance for the projects which include the following:

Projects in Physics :

To study the various factors affecting the focal length of liquid lens To study the relationship between real and apparent depth using the spherical mirror and
To study the effectiveness of different detergents in terms of quantity and quality various liquids and to find the refractive index of the liquids
To study various factors on which internal resistance of the cell depends To prove that the ratio of earth's horizontal, magnetic strength of magnet is constant
To determine the effect of temperature on commonly used dry cell To find out the refractive index of different materials using a hollow prism
To find the wavelength of Sodium using Young's double slit To study the effect of heat and temperature on Ohmic conductor
To find resistance of the given material by Ohm's law To measure chemical equipment of Copper
To study the projected motion of a liquid set under water condition To prove that angle between reflected and refracted ray from monochromatic light is 90o
To study the refractive index of the given prism To measure Young's modulus of given wire
To study the dependence of the internal resistance of primary cell on any one of the variables To construct thermocouple and to calibrate it
Measure refractive index of various liquids using a round bottomed flask To study the characteristics of a transformer
To find the wavelength of red laser beam using spectrometer To study the coefficient of apparent expansion of liquid
To find the horizontal component of earth's magnetic field To estimate the order of magnitude of the size of Oleic acid molecule
To study the factors upon which the time period of a simple pendulum depends Electricity by chemical reaction
To study the effect of moisture on hair To study the effect of temperature on the resistance of semiconductor diode
To study the effect on the force of attraction between a solenoid and a bar magnet for different values of current To study the response of a photoconductor cell to intensity of incident light
To study change in refractive index due to temperature To find the metallic conductance of NaCl
To determine the cleansing effect of detergents by comparing the surface tension in each of them To investigate whether the energy of a simple pendulum is conserved
To verify the laws of combination of resistances both in series and parallel connections To separate different bodies as Ohmic or non-Ohmic conductor
To study the length dependence of the resistance To determine and compare the unknown R and r of the different wires
To determine the wavelengths of prominent lines of mercury by plain diffraction grating To study effect of different materials on boiling
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