Core Programmes

VASCSC has pioneered in several areas including an Interactive Exhibition space, Open Laboratories, Mathematics Laboratory, Science Playground, active use of computers in science education and developing interactive educational programmes - most of which are a part of mainstream today.

Teachers Training Programme

A teacher plays an important role in developing a child's understanding through the best use of resources, skills and experiences. Science and Mathematics are perceived as difficult by teachers in classroom transaction as well as by students in gaining conceptual understanding. Science can be made more exciting, engaging, interactive, and meaningful with the introduction of hands-on approaches in their teaching.

With this in view, VASCSC offers to conduct Training Workshops for teachers on ‘Hands-on approaches in Science & Mathematics Education' for capacity building of teachers. It aims to equip the teachers with skills and knowledge needed to teach Science & Mathematics more effectively, using learner-centered innovative approaches.

Following the guidelines of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, we also have 'STEM Teachers Training Programme' for teachers.

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Science Activity Centre

VASCSC provides Teaching Learning Material (TLM) and resource material to set up a Science Activity Centre. The Science Activity Centres would be equipped with TLMs like models, teaching aids, large and small interactive exhibits, kits for performing experiments and demonstrations, equipment, and much more.

VASCSC has been instrumental in setting up six other Science Centres in India
- The Centre for Science Education, NEHU, Shillong
- The Discovery Science Centre, Kohima
- The Baroda Community Science Centre, Vadodara
- Science Centre, Dhrol
- Badoli Science Centre
- The Prayog Community Science Centre, Rajkot (now known as the Shri O.V. Sheth Community Science Centre)
Helped develop the programmes for Satellite Institutional Television Experiment (SITE) in 1971.

Setting up a school Science and Mathematics laboratory is a programme being conducted in educational institutions all over the state and also in various other states on request.

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Setting up Mathematics Lab

School Mathematics Lab Setting up 'Mathematics Laboratory' in schools is an initiative of Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) , to provide an unparalleled opportunity to students for trying out new ideas, foster innovation and nurture creativity in the field of Mathematics Education.

Mathematics Laboratory Laboratories are a great way to spark a child's interest in learning. It provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics by doing.

Mathematics Lab is a school-level resource, which aims toprovide hands-on experiential learning opportunity to students for understanding difficult concepts and their real-life applications. It is a dedicated space for nurturing innovative ideas and a learning facility for skills likeproblem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking.

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Space Education Programme

Since 2018-19, 50 Space Education Clubs have been set up in 50 different schools in Gujarat. VASCSC resource persons provided the necessary handholding, technical support, some basic resource material and orientation to all these.

This programme provides a platform to learn the basics of space science concepts related to Model Rocketry, Astronomy, Aeronautics and Satellites. Potential club activities include sport-flying launches, various types of contests, research and development projects and workshops, aerospace films, guest speakers, educational activities, special presentations, demonstrations and exhibits.

Resource material containing a set of relevant space science publications, model rocket launcher, inclinometer, pen drive having e-library is given to each school. A special planner is designed and given to each member to plan the activities.

Model Rocketry and Astronomy independent workshops are also offered by VASCSC on request.

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School Visits

The labs and facilities at VASCSC house interactive exhibits, models, TLM and much more that encourages visitors to experiment and explore. For the hands-on approach creates an opportunity of 'learning by doing'. For the schools and institution visiting VASCSC, interactive sessions of 2-3 hours' duration, are conducted by Centre's resource person. The sessions are designed keeping in mind the interest and age group of the participants.

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Student Worshops

This programme is conducted for schools and student groups visiting the Centre. Keeping in mind the varying needs of different kinds of groups visiting the Centre, activities are developed especially for this purpose.

In order to facilitate these school groups, the Centre's team of facilitators take them through different departments. Several exciting experiments in Science and Mathematics, Science shows, Science movie shows etc. have been integrated in this programme. The schools, institutions and groups willing to visit the Centre can do so by pre-registering their visit.

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The Vigyan Drashti is a Gujarati bimonthly science wall-magazine. It is published in four-colour, 8-page newspaper format. It contains articles, activities, experiments, latest information, puzzles, amazing facts, crosswords, science toons, etc. It serves as an effective science learning resource in Gujarati and a large number of schools and individuals subscribe to it. Six volumes are brought out during the year. 2000 sets were printed and sent to subscribers and used as part of programmes.
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TLM Development

Teaching Learning Material (TLM) development is a major activity of VASCSC. This material is developed with the objective of making teaching learning process of science and mathematics lasting and easy for teachers and students. This TLM is suitable for primary and secondary school level, for both classroom and individual use. Kits, books, charts, models, exhibits, puzzles and much more, have been developed and available at VASCSC Science Shop. English, Gujarati and Hindi have been used in the manuals and books. This material is in demand from all across India.

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Student Programmes

VASCSC has pioneered in several areas including an Interactive Exhibition space, Open Laboratories, Mathematics Laboratory, Science Playground, active use of computers in science education and developing interactive educational programmes - most of which are a part of mainstream today.

School Science Forum (SSF)

The School Science Forum (SSF) is a syllabus-oriented year-long programme for students of Std. 5 to 9. It was launched on a large scale in 2011-12 with objective of making the learning of science and mathematics interesting and easy. The programme had its origins much earlier in 2004-05 as Saturday Science Forum programme which was conducted on smaller scale but its demand was steadily increasing. Thus, SSF was launched as a year-long programme, conducted on all days.

The objective of this programme is to strengthen the basic concepts of science and mathematics by providing the students an opportunity to perform hands-on experiments and activities. Starting in 2011, this programme has been receiving overwhelming response from the participants.

To strengthen the understanding of basic concepts, topics from Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Physics, mathematics, Electronics, Astronomy, Model Rocketry and more are selected for the sessions. The activities were designed in such a way that it not only helped them to understand the topics clearly, but also helped to develop critical thinking and problem-solving ability in participants.

In the pandemic situation, different changes were brought in the regular format of the programme. The duration was from July 2020 to March 2021. Also, following the COVID-protocols and to ensure the safety of the participants, sessions were held online.

Due to the huge popularity SSF has gained in the last few years, even in these challenging times, parents and participants trusted on the quality of the programme. Around 800 participants from different schools of Ahmedabad enrolled in SSF 2020-21.

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Summer Programme

The school summer vacation is a time for students to engage in creative and innovative activities. VASCSC's Summer Programme has always been very popular among children for its activity-based approach and choice of topics it offers. Every year, a wide assortment of modules catering to children's varied interests and different age groups are presented. A variety of hands-on science, mathematics and technology-based modules are offered under this programme for participants to explore and learn with an element of fun. Effort is made to develop modules based on emerging trends to give the children an exposure to the latest in science. The modules are conducted in the Centre's well-equipped labs and spaces, facilitated by its trained resource persons.

Projects and Practicals

The Centre has been helping out both individual students as well as student groups to perform curriculum-based experiments as well as projects. This programme is conducted throughout the year during weekdays. Guidance and facilities for performing the experiments and projects is provided by the Centre's experts. The students and teachers are encouraged to perform various projects applicable to their school curricula and other interesting ones. This programme has been most beneficial to high school students in fulfilling their school projects.
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Other Activities

In addition to the activities mentioned above, various other activities are conducted which are mentioned as follows:

The Advanced B.Sc. Programme

The Advanced B.Sc. Programme in Physics has been initiated by Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Centre and Gujarat Science Academy with an aim of orienting motivated B.Sc. students towards the field of research. A rigorous content session gives them an edge over the regular college physics syllabus.
In addition, the programme also includes exposure visits, presentation sessions by students, assignment solving, projects etc.

Students from First - Second year B.Sc and Engineering can enrol themselves for this programme in the months of June and October.
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Computer Training Programme

VASCSC has been one of the first places to actively use computers in science education, it being the first institution to use BBC computers to develop education programmes. For this, a computer laboratory was set up which imparts training to teachers, students and general community. In fact, VASCSC was a pioneer in developing and using interactive (animated) programs for educational purposes.

The Education Department, Government of Gujarat has designated VASCSC as one of the recognized training Centres for computer training. Training programmes for secondary and higher secondary computer teachers are conducted through pre-announced batches.

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Radio Programme

A 52-episode radio series in Gujarati titled ‘Agandhara’ was developed based on the theme of Global Warming and Climate Change with the support of All India Radio and Vigyan Prasar. The series started on 20 May 2019. It was broadcasted from Akashvani's Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhuj and Godhra stations every Monday during 9:30 - 10:00 pm (846 KHz MW AM).

Every year, a different theme is given. VASCSC is the content partner (language partner) for the programme.

Event Celebrations

The Centre is at the forefront of organizing science popularization events. In order to reach out to a wider range of people, the Centre organizes some events annually.

Several science-based competitions are also organized which include model making, science debate, quiz etc.for children of different age groups. In addition science model exhibitions, science graffiti, science experiment shows, astronights, science film shows etc. are also conducted.

Geometry Club

The activity of Geometry Club at VASCSC was started by Prof. A. R. Rao 16 years ago. Dedicated geometry enthusiasts meet every Saturday, throughout the year. They discuss interesting geometrical results and solve challenging problems.

National Olympiad Test

The National Standard Examinations for National Olympiad conducted by IAPT were held at VASCSC. The Junior Science Exam was conducted on 17 Nov 2019 in which 215 students appeared. The exams for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy were held on 24 Nov 2019 in which 2225 students appeared.