Facilities at VASCSC serve the motto of the Centre -'Question', 'Explore' and 'Discover' reflecting the three steps that lead to a deeper understanding of science. The Centre has always made efforts to stimulate and encourage people to 'question' various intriguing phenomena that occur around them. This 'questioning' when followed by 'exploring' leads to 'discovery' of new facts.
Facilities at the Centre truly serve this purpose.


Laboratories at the Centre have been one of the nodal points in encouraging scientific development among all, especially students and teachers. Emphasis is placed on encouraging the students to question, investigate, collect and organize information about various scientific phenomena.

Programmes in the laboratories include school projects for both students from CBSE as well as state board, training for syllabus related practicals and experiments, making models, and much more. They are also free to try their hands at new experiments, that is, investigatory projects. Necessary guidance is provided to students and teachers by the experts at the Centre. The laboratories are also involved in developing teaching material and learning aids for students and children.

A prior appointment has to be taken to access any of the laboratory facility.
Feel free to contact us on 079-26302085

Physics Laboratory

The Physics laboratory is well equipped with all the basic facilities related to various fields of physics like mechanics, optics, electronics etc.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory provides excellent facility for students to explore more in the field of chemistry. All the necessary materials, chemicals, apparatus and guidelines are provided to the students here.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics laboratory has been engaged in developing methods of teaching and learning mathematics, which would supplement traditional modes of imparting education.It has a unique collection of interactive exhibits, model and teaching aids especially created to make mathematics simple. The mathematics laboratory conducts Mathematics Workshops for schools and institutions on request.

Biology Laboratory

The Biology laboratory houses a good collection of plant and animal specimens, models as well as instruments required for biological studies.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer laboratory has been actively involved in developing tailor-made programmes for children, teachers and laypeople. In addition, the Centre has been identified as a certified nodal agency to conduct computer training programmes for primary and secondary school teachers.


Electronics Lab is a part of physics laboratory wherein various workshops related to electronics and robotics are conducted.


Astronomy lab at VASCSC is a new and improved facility started, having necessary equipments and features, that has given a boost to ongoing Astronomy activities at the Centre and scope for implementing new ideas.

Model Rocketry

VASCSC runs the Model Rocketry Club that deals with solid fuel rocketry and water booster rocketry. The latter has been launched recently.

Special workshops and competitions are organized for budding rocketeers. These workshops aim to train them in the process of fabrication and designing of model rockets and rocket launching.


VASCSC has its own in-house full fledged workshop which caters to its requirements related to carpentry, fabrication and finishing work for teaching learning material, exhibits, etc.
Students also use this facility under expert supervision as a part of model-making, if needed.


The Centre's library houses a collection of Science and Mathematics reference books, including children's books and reference material for high school and college students. It houses a collection of about 15,000 books and also many science journals and magazines to meet the varied reading needs and interests of people of all age groups. There is a collection of reference books pertaining to science and mathematics.

The library is continuously upgraded with new collections and reference materials. It conducts popular programme Book Buddies to develop students' interest in reading and books.

VASCSC offers yearly Library memberships for all age groups. Membership form can be downloaded from the link given below.


The Quadrangle space at the Centre consists of a collection of models, participatory exhibits, teaching aids and experiments.

The exhibits are designed to teach some concept in science or mathematics and also result in interaction with the exhibit leading to fun and joy. The learning in this case is a pleasurable and voluntary activity. The exhibits consist of puzzles and playthings,interactive science exhibits, illusions, displays for observation and study, charts etc. Several of the exhibits are solitary games in which the aim is spelt out on a small card. Some of these solitary games involve the assembling of given pieces into a simple object such as a cube or a given shape while others involve doing a certain task in the least number of moves.

Also, there is an aquarium and an aviary for observing birds, fishes and other living organisms that attract people of all age groups.

The participatory exhibits are very important for schools as they provide a simple low cost method of generating student interest in science and mathematics and teach them problem solving.

Innovation Hub

VASCSC has developed the Innovation Hub with the aim to foster spirit of enquiry and innovation as well as creativity in children. Supported by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India; this facility includes the following:
Discovery Hall: Houses interactive exhibits that create excitement about science through exploration.
Idea Lab: The ’Kabad Se Jugad’ and ‘Tod Phod Jod Corner’ provide basic facilities to pursue creative and innovative activities that involve model making, basic science experimentation, and design and fabrication of useful gadgets of practical use.
Design Studio: This area offers a creative environment for designing innovative products.
Hall of Fame: This area showcases some innovative ideas and products that have made significant impact on our lives along with their respective inventors and innovators.

Science Shop

VASCSC has developed a wide range of Teaching Learning Material (TLM), especially for teachers and students to develop curiosity and interest for science and mathematics.

Auditorium and Seminar Halls

The Centre's auditorium has a seating arrangement for approximately 80 people. This facility is used for Centre's programmes involving lecture sessions, presentations, science movie shows, etc . It is also available to other educational institutions for use, subject to availability.
Contact at +91 79 26302085 or email at info@vascsc.org for further information