I want to make a science project at my school. How can VASCSC help me with it?
Our laboratory facilities are open for scientific aspirants. Guidance regarding projects is provided by the Centre's experts at the laboratories . Apart from weekly activities, we also conduct open house on Sundays.
How can I get the publications and learning aids developed by VASCSC?
VASCSC publishes science communication material like planners, books, booklets and teachers' manuals in English and Gujarati languages. The Centre also develops learning aids, Science kits and science puzzles. These materials are available at the Science Shop.
How can VASCSC help me find answers to my science-related queries?
You may visit the Centre and find answers from our Centre's experts or click on Quest Zone.
How can I join the Science clubs and other programmes at VASCSC?
Various Science Clubs and interesting programmes are conducted by the Centre. These are especially designed to make science interesting through fun-filled activities and participatory approach. Posters giving details about various programmes are put up on the Centre's notice board and this website.
I am a housewife. Can I get computer training at the Centre's computer laboratory?
The computer laboratory runs various courses for members from all the sections of the society. Students, teachers, housewives, youth, professionals and anyone willing to learn computers can join these courses. Special teachers' training programmes are also conducted.
I am a teacher. How can I arrange a student visit to VASCSC?
VASCSC is a facility to promote scientific awareness and is open to all members of the community. You may visit the Centre on all days except Mondays. School and group visits may be arranged with prior information, where the Centre's facilitators guide their visit.
I want to organize programmes/activities/workshops in my school. Can VASCSC devise and conduct some programmes?
Several programmes ranging from teachers training to activity workshops are conducted by the Centre. Some of the most sought programmes are Mathematics/Science activity workshops, Nature Trips, Science Clubs, Model Rocketry Workshops, etc. To know about these, click on Science Clubs and Outreach Programmes.
How can I provide financial support to any VASCSC programme?
VASCSC is a non-governmental organization working towards promoting experiential science education. It conducts several activities and undertakes various inter-institutional projects, for which you may contribute financially. For further information on programmes conducted at the Centre click on Activities and for providing the financial support to VASCSC for its activities click on Get Involved.
I am a college student. Can I work part time at the Centre?
The Centre welcomes college students to contribute to the Centre's activities as Volunteers . Also, jobs are announced, the information regarding which is available on the Centre's notice board and this website. You may post your CV in response to these advertisements at our mailing address or at info@vascsc.org.
Can I volunteer for any programme/activity at VASCSC?
Yes, VASCSC welcomes members from the community to volunteer to work in its programmes and activities. Click on Volunteer for more details.
How do I apply for a job at VASCSC?
Vacancies for jobs at VASCSC are announced on the Centre's notice board, newspapers and this website. You may post your CV in response to these advertisements at our mailing address or at info@vascsc.org.